6. Happy 4th y'all!

Gasworks Park, Seattle, WA.

Went to Gasworks with a bunch of my good friends. Had a grand 'ol time. Off to Olympia for a few days....!!

5. ****

Abandoned Elementary School, Seattle, WA.

Today, I saw this. Interpret as you will, obvious as it may be.
I love the drip, I love the blue. Simple as that.

4. Unsafe Enter

Abandoned Elementary School, Seattle, WA

So, I live by this old, creepy, boarded up elementary school. It's derelict and beautiful. I've decided to do a three day study of this place. Because I don't know how much long it's going to be around and it's an old figure in the community a.k.a. I have a certain love for the forgotten places in the world.

Today I shot the gym door. Unsafe Enter. Oh, come on!

3. Mushroom Wind Chime

Seattle, WA.

Beautiful set of mushroom wind chimes my mother bought, apparently made from recylced spoons. We use to have a different one, one from forks and spoons but got tangled beyond recognition from a past wind storm. We didn;t even try to save it. These are a nice replacement, I think.

Speaking of spoons......Another local street preformer, Artis the Spoonman. Enjoy.

2. Twin Feathers

Cannon Beach, Oregon
 Lisa and I took a day trip to the Oregon coast. It was sunny, warm, and clear, a nice excape from the current cloudy and rainy "summer" weather we have been getting up here

1. Older Man in Trash

 Downtown Seattle
 I had to drag Vincent with me to go downtown to kick off this project, partially because I didn't want to go down by myself that day (and to drag him off video games). It was a normal day, but the area is really into the "El Nino" thing right now, so it was cloudy and brisk.

We started off by going to the Central Library, downtown Seattle....